Where to go

Introduction of some of key tourist sites of this area is given below

Rakaposhi and Pisan Glacier view point

This view point is located on the backside of Osho Thang guest house near the government school. From this view point tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of Rakaposhi mountain and Pisan Glacier and Karakorum Highway.

Old Settlement

A 500 year old settlement know as Khan is located in Minapin village. Local community with the support of IUCN Pakistan is working to convert some of these old houses as heritage museum and craft display centre. This place can be visited accompanied by the local guide. 

Rakaposhi, Deran Base Camp and Kacheli Lake

Kacheli Lake lies about 3500m above sea level across the Minapin glacier. One can reach here from Minapin village via Hapakun and Taghafari. It takes three hours from Minapin to Hapakun camping site. Three more hours to Rakaposhi basecamp also known as Taghafari. From Rakaposhi Basecamp its takes 3 hours to cross Minapin glacier to reach Diran basecamp. Time depends on your route and it may take longer some time. From Diran basecamp there is an uphill trek which takes two hours to reach Kacheli Lake.

Beekichang Gothum

Beekichang Gotum is a famous Cricket ground at the base of Rakaposhi along upper Pisan Glacier. A jeep trek starts from Pisan village and it takes around 30 minutes to reach here by jeep. One can also do a hiking day trip to enjoy panoramic view of Pisan Glacer and Rakaposhi 

Miacher Minapin Kho 

Miancher Kho is high elevation view point from where one can have a magnificent views of high mountains of Hunza and Nagar. A jeep trek from Minapine via Miacher village takes around 2 hours to reach this place. The last portion of jeep trek is quite steep and only doable in good weather condition. Israr Hussain, the owner of Ohso Thang Minapin has given place the name of Bam-e-Duniya because of its high elevation and 360-degree view of mountains all around. 

When to Go

Minapin is surrounded by snow covered high Mountains and glaciers. The best time to visit this area is from April to November if you want to trek, climb or explore the valley. In summer the landscape become lush green and cool breeze from the glaciers in the surrounding area keeps valley temperature very pleasant.   Late October to mid-November is the best time to experience the fall foliage, and mid-March to mid-April is the peak season for seeing an explosion of blossoms.   In winter the whole valley is covered with snow. In the recent years, winter sports such as Ice-hockey, ice-skating and ice-climbing has also become very popular among the local youth.