What to do

The landscape of valley is very scenic and it mainly attracts tourists who are interested in trekking and nature based tourism. The area has famous mountain peak Rakaposhi with an elevation of 7,788 meters and Deran with an elevation of 7,266 meters besides some other lesser height mountains. Glaciers and high altitude pastures and patches of natural forests along the slops of Rakaposhi and Deran mountain are also an added attraction of this area

The famous trekking route to Rakaposhi base camp and Deran base camp originates from Minapin. This trekking route has been developed by locals with camping facilities at Hapakun, Tagafari and Deran Base camp. 

Adventure Tourism

For those seeking an adrenaline rush and a chance to explore the untamed wilderness, Minapin offers an array of exhilarating hiking and trekking opportunities. The village serves as the starting point for the famous Rakaposhi Base Camp trek, which takes trekkers through breathtaking alpine landscapes, shimmering glaciers, and vibrant meadows. As they navigate the challenging terrain, adventurers are rewarded with ever-changing vistas and a profound connection with nature Trekking lovers do this trek in three to four day round trip while climbing to the camping sites of Hapakun and Tagafari and Deran base camp. One can also make a short trip to Kacheli lake from Deran Base Camp.

There are ample opportunities for adventure sports such as mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding and pony riding. In winter months, different snow related sports such as cross country skiing, snowboarding, ice-climbing on frozen water falls, skating and ice hockey can also be arranged. 

Culture Tourism

Minapin is not just a feast for the eyes but also a treasure trove of local traditions and heritage. The village is inhabited by warm and welcoming locals who take pride in preserving their age-old customs and way of life. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture, savor traditional cuisine, and participate in colorful festivals. The residents’ expertise in carpentry and weaving is evident in the intricate designs adorning their handmade goods, which make for excellent souvenirs.

Traditional Food

Osho Thang with its intimate atmosphere is the most famous guest house and restaurant in Minapin especially because of its delicious local traditional food. It is a nice place in the heart of Minapin. It has facility of around 12 rooms and 5 deluxe Yurts. This guest house is quite popular among the foreign and Pakistani trekkers. 

The traditional food served here is excellent. Gorkon is the most famous dish of this hotel. It is delicious and yummy mutton dish which is cooked in stone crafted pot with special herbs and spices and served with hot wheat chappati and fresh salad. The flavour and taste of Gorkon is just amazing. Giyaling is an other ttraditional dish which is made up of organic butter/walnut oil, organic milk and wheat. It is so powerful and give energy. It is just like a naan, but it is so yummy and delicious.


Agricultural is the main sources of income of the community, and it is also the backbone of local economy. Local community is well aware of the concept of agri-tourism and they demonstrate it, when tourists visit their village, they meet the natives and enjoy their hospitality while visiting their fields and orchards and enjoying the agricultural activates which the natives perfume on daily basis in every season. 

Normally the agricultural activates are started from March till November during those eight months’ local communities involve in various activates in their fields as like cultivation of different crops, plantation, crafting and collecting of various fruits. Draying process of aprotic etc. 

Wildlife Watching Tourism

The area is home of unique biodiversity and globally significant and rare species; such as snow leopard, marker and wolves. Other wildlife reported in the area comprises Ibex, Foxes, Marmots, Ram Chakors and migratory birds etc. The local community is involved in wildlife conservation program with the support of IUCN Pakistan and other nature conservation organizations. The local people have now become much more conscious about the protection of their rich natural heritage. In the winter months, wildlife sightseeing trips can be arranged for individual nature explorers and small groups on demand. 

The opportunity to observe wild animals and birds in their natural habitat is a unique and rare experience which requires patience and some basic understating of wild animals’ behavior. Going in the wilderness with a trained local guide will give you the best chance of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. Sunrise and sunset are the best time to see animals as they move down to drink at water points. Winter and late autumn is the best season for viewing wildlife than summer. Poor weather conditions such as rain and snow also prompt animals to move down to lower altitudes and thus become easier to spot. Always go with a locally-trained wildlife guide and don’t forget to carry your binoculars, warm jacket, field hat, water bottle and snacks in your day pack and wear comfortable trekking boots.

For more information and getting services of local wildlife watching guides, please contact Visitors Information Centre.